Shalagh Elliott Design Company (SEDC) is a full-service Interior Design firm specializing in elegantly-designed residential interiors. SEDC serves clients in the Hastings & Prince Edward County, Lennox & Addington County and Kingston, Ontario.

SEDC understands the profound impact that a well-designed space can have on your everyday life. Blending modern ingenuity with classic elements and an undeniable love for value design, forms the fundamentals of Shalagh Elliott Design Company.

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Emily Cameron

Born in British Columbia, Emily was raised in Ottawa before finding roots in Kingston. Exploring the landscapes of her home country fuels her creativity and adds depth to her design approach. It's no wonder that her motto is, "create a life you don't need a vacation from." She takes this mantra to heart and applies it to her work, crafting homes that become serene retreats, eliminating the need for an escape. With her easy-going and approachable demeanor, working with her is like collaborating with a close friend who genuinely cares about making your space a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. 

Principal designer + founder

Megan Beckstead

A native of Kingston, Megan always knew she wanted to pursue design. She draws inspiration from her surroundings and infuses a touch of her hometown charm into her designs. Her design style balances modern and traditional elements, creating interiors with character and a welcoming warmth. The only thing Megan loves more than white chocolate is pulling together furnishings, lighting, and hard finishes to create a beautiful visual for the client.  When she's not busy designing, you'll find her indulging in Woodenheads pasta and keeping us updated with the latest fashion trends.

Whitney Gilbert

Whitney was raised in Kingston and in another life taught Kindergarten in Dubai. Her zest for organization stems from her time as a VP. In an administrative role, Whitney learned the importance of communication, patience and a good spreadsheet. She now combines her love for systems with aesthetics to create the behind-the-scenes processes at SEDC. Whitney’s biggest weakness is a good donut. In her spare time she loves lounging at Picton beach, enjoying her family on their farm, and a good glass of chardonnay.

Shalagh Elliott

Before launching her own design firm, Shalagh spent nearly a decade traveling Canada to gather design inspiration, an appreciation for Canadian landscape, and in search of the best slopes. This sense of adventure and passion reflects in her design work.

With a love for timeless and classic design, she thrives on pushing boundaries and staying innovative. The ability to surprise her clients with unique ideas they've never considered brings her immense joy; almost as much as a matcha latte from Coffee Cravings.

With a beautiful and busy family life of her own, traveling between ball fields, ice rinks and campgrounds, Shalagh’s ability to intuitively hone in on her clients’ needs sets her apart. She understands the balance between a family’s need for a home that functions, and pairs that with timeless design for a home that clients love and LIVE in.

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junior designer 

operations manager